Commonwealth Yacht Club

Built on pilings over the harbor, the Commonwealth Yacht Club is the centerpiece of all that is unique at GreenTurtle Bay Resort. Commonwealth Yacht Club (CYC or "the club" as it is known) membership and guests enjoy a rich and varied menu that is sure to please all the while overlooking Green Turtle Bay Resort Marina and it's many moored yachts and sailboats. Dining at CYC is truly a Water-Way-of-Life experience.

While CYC is a members only club, Green Turtle Bay Resort condominium guests and transient boating guests receive a guest pass upon arrival, welcoming them to enjoy the Club during their stay. Regular CYC members enjoy other benefits and perks throughout the resort year 'round. Application to join the Commonwealth Yacht Club as a member can be obtained at the club or any of the resort offices and store counters or downloading the PDF version of the application HERE. Simply fill out and return or fax to 270-362-0703.

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday - Thursday: 5pm - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 5pm - 10pm
Sunday - 5pm - 9pm