TowBoatUS Grand Rivers

TowBoatUS is to the water what AAA is to the road, a friend in time of trouble!
A membership and towing insurance program, TowBoatUS is here to protect boaters from being tagged with two misfortunes in one day - the grounding or engine failure being the first misfortune and secondly, having to pay substantial fees for an assistance provider. For towing coverage of up to $2500 (possibly more depending upon factors) the current annual fee is only $58 and that includes the $24 membership fee, for boats that operate solely on freshwater which include the Great Lakes and western rivers and lakes. For boats in saltwater, the fee for Unlimited Tow Service is higher but still a bargain when things go wrong.
For towing assistance, TowBoatUS Grand Rivers can be contacted by calling the 24 hour TowBoatUS dispatch office at 800-4391-4869. We can also be hailed via VHF Radio on Channel 16 during business hours of 8AM to 6PM or by calling Green Turtle Bay Resort Marina directly at 270-362-1043. In the event of a dire emergency, Captain Gordon may be reached on his cell phone at 270-994-9177. Local phone calls and VHF radio will be answered by Marina personnel who will relay the call for assistance to the Captain on duty.
If you would like to become a member of TowBoatUS simply fill out the PDF membership application
HERE and send it via the instructions at the bottom of the the form to TowBoatUS along with your payment for dues and fees. Our TowBoatUS Captains can attest, having been on many dispatches for rescue for both TowBoatUS members and non-members alike, that with certainty the members with the highest towing coverage limits are always the happiest to see the TowBoatUS arrive on the scene to help them.
To find out more about the program please visit the
TowBoatUS website.