KY Lake Race Week

In 2006, the first Commonwealth Cup Regatta was announced and embraced by the local sailing community. The first day brought 13 inches of rain with non-stop lightening so the race had to be postponed. However, the next day scores of sailors showed up to see who would win the beautiful Commonwealth Cup. From that delayed beginning, the Commonwealth Cup has grwon every year.

Since that first race, sailors began indicating that they would like to race more than one day, especially after traveling some distance to get to Kentucky Lake. Hence, the Colonel's Revenge Race was introduced the day after the Commonwealth Cup. The event transformed into a fantastic pre-race party/registration, a distance race, an awards ceremony party and a staggard start buoy race. The team challenge competition was also implemented.

Beginning in 2011, in an effort to move closer toward the initial vision, the event has expanded into Kentucky Lake Race Week, featuring the Commonwealth Cup Regatta. We now have five days of racing for all types of sailors and encourage participation of many different types of sailboats. Many come from other yacht clubs to compete for the Commonwealth Cup Team Challenge.

Something for every type of sailor from the large keelboats to multihulls and dinghies. The Kentucky Lake Race Week is definitely not just for sailors. This event brings together powerboaters, cruisers, houseboat owners, and sailors into one single group with a common goal: to provide a world class event at Kentucky Lake for all to enjoy. Join us for the fun, the parties and the mystery of finding out who will be this year's winners.